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Have you ever met someone who is so overly positive you feel like punching them in the face? Since I have been a life coach I have talked to people who feel the same way towards positive people, and also people who are the recipients of said feelings. So I decided to dig a little bit more into the side effects of being too positive.

Is there such a thing as “being too positive”? I mean. Being positive has so many benefits for many areas like: health, wealth, sex, relationships, professional promotions and overall well-being, that it is very difficult to consider that there could be any drawbacks, however. According to some studies there as many disadvantages of being positive as there are advantages.

Positivism can make you lazy

Being positive about something is different than working on something. Being too positive can make you waste valuable time to complete your tasks and end up doing things in a rush which can have an impact on the quality of your work, and of course, on the way people who you work with perceive you.

Positivism can make you unprepared for a difficult time

Thinking about the negative aspects of a task, a job or life can be helpful if you take the appropriate measurements to face what could come your way. Being too positive can make you believe that nothing bad is ever going to happen or that no matter what happens it cannot possibly be that bad. You’d better think again. Being positive does not make the negative/bad things in life just go away.

Positivism makes you slow on changing

Thinking always the best out of a situation, a person or an event makes you endure things that you might not need to go through if you saw those same situations, people and events for what they are. Being a little less positive can save you money or from a situation that could be harmful to you emotionally/physically down the road.

Positivism can make you easy to deceive

Studies show that positive people are not very good at detecting lies and it actually impairs their ability to make judgment when a situation requires careful attention to detail which could be harmful when doing business, choosing a romantic partner or just walking down a solitary street in the evening. Being too positive makes you trusting towards others who you should probably not be.  

Positivism can make you an unproductive leader

Acting too positive could make people not take you seriously. When asking someone to do something for them positive people are reported to not get things done fast compared to people who were showing a different range of negative emotions like anger and discomfort in similar situations. It might be helpful to focus on what you want to accomplish rather than on how you want others to feel.

Positivism can lead to dissatisfaction

This is due to the contrast effect, which dictates that something is perceived as good only if it is bigger in size or intensity compared to the last similar thing you experienced before. So if you just won the lottery and the next day win US100 from your local supermarket, you don’t get to experience the second event as really positive since a previous one felt better or was bigger. This happens a lot in relationships, you are judging the new relationship not for the good it is but compared to how good some other past relationship was. It’s not fair!

In conclusion being positive is not so positive if positivity is the only thing you see and experience. Keep in mind that we have a vast number of emotions to draw from each day, allow other emotions to flourish and in this way you will find a balance that can make your world better.

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