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I often encourage people to learn new things and since for some of us life has radically changed, now more than ever I stand by what I said. I chose to learn how to improve my customer experience and I wanted to tell you about my journey into UX with the Interaction Design Foundation.

How I got into the Interaction Design Foundation IxDF

numer 1 place in Colombia and southamerica -Review of the Interaction Design Foundation
This system really agrees with my competitive nature. It really helps to keep you motivated

So 2020 was quite a surprise and like many other entrepreneurs I was not ready to take my service fully online, I am a life coach and help people in their personal development. In my business I would usually meet my customers at cafes, parks, restaurants, basically anywhere there was a bench comfortable enough to talk about private matters, then covid-19 came, meeting people was no longer possible and my business model went to hell.

“Now what?” I tried to adjust as fast as I could, by making the website a little more shiny here, adding a shopping cart there, I also changed the entire copy of the website several times and even reduced the price of my service for a while to increase interest. I was all set, right? No! I was so wrong, no one bought for months.

Then I started google ads because advertising alone sells, right? Again wrong! People were coming to my website and leaving just as fast. I didn’t know what to do. So I asked Google about selling services online and the results took me to two books: The laws of UX and the design of everyday things. That was the first time I had ever heard the term UX.

this is what a lesson looks like, lots of notes and written exercises - review of the interaction design foundation
This is what the end of a lesson looks like, lots of notes and ideas to implement.

Just by reading those two books I realized that there were so many things I was not doing properly and that could be easily changed to improve my service, so I kept searching for more and more articles about UX and its applications,  that’s how I arrived at the Interaction Design Foundation. I followed them for a month or so, I read their articles and joined their weekly design tips. They seemed to know what they were doing so I went all in.

It’s been six months since I started at the IxDF and up to now I have created a more comprehensible customer journey for my life coaching services, so my customers know where they are in the process and what to expect at all times, by taking Service Design: How to Design Integrated Service Experiences course. I also know who I should be selling to and more importantly, who not to sell to, thanks to the course called User Research – Methods and Best Practices. I polished my methodology for my one-on-one sessions after taking the course Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide and I know how I should show my services both in terms of copy and design due to taking Gestalt Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide.

In the last six months I have taken these 8 courses, they helped me a lot maybe they can help you too:

Design of my customer journey - Review of the IxDF
Creation of my customer journey

Those might seem like a lot to take, however. The way in which the courses are presented allow you to easily digest and apply the knowledge into your life projects. It is going to be a little overwhelming at times, especially when you try things for the first time, but at the IxDF you are not alone, there are tons of online groups you can access through their platform in which people are willing to help and share ideas. Besides the class forums allow you to discuss the topics at hand and get possible solutions to your current design step-backs.

It is difficult being an entrepreneur and having to do it all by yourself, you can hardly spare the time to have a balanced life let alone start learning something new. However, these times we live in require that we upgrade our services, if we want to stay in the game. And to any freelancers or entrepreneurs out there I can confidently say that being part of the Interaction Design Foundation is by far the best investment I have made in a long time.

As for my journey, there is still  a lot to work on, after all, it’s only been six months, But now I look at my future as a freelance life coach with a lot more confidence and certainty over my results. And to be honest, I just came to the IxDF looking for a way to better sell my services and ended up with the desire of starting a whole new career as a service designer next to helping people develop of course. which will remain my main focus in life.

Notes of a user research study for my ux porfolio
Notes of my first user research study for my ux porfolio - Nov 2020
Large table full of notes with ux design ideas
I kept going through the notes I took in all courses, everything is connected in UX
Business model canvas filled with my business info
Design of my Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition - dic 2020
How the creation of my business journey started
How the creation of my business journey started, notes and cofee - Oct 2020
My first Wireframes thanks to the IxDF
My first wireframes

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